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"Omo!" --- an expression that embodies every possible ounce of surprise or shock there could possibly exist in the world and that every politically inclined LASUite currently feels.

"Omo!" --- the word that every LASUite cannot afford not to mouth as they are thrown into an unexpected frenzy of indescribable emotions even as the world went to sleep.

For those that haven't heard, in the late hours of the 5th of February, 2023, the 33rd #LASUSU-IEC (The Praecellens, as they call themselves) took the LASUSU political community by surprise when, in accordance with the provisions of the LASUSU Electoral Act , 2022, Part B, Section 9 (2) (a), they announced that Stakeholder (the golden boy of many, and a favourite in the #LASUSU Presidential contest) was disqualified from the race.

Their claim being that he violated the LASUSU Electoral Act by sponsoring adverts about his candidacy before the ban was lifted.

"What ban?" You ask?

Well, according to the Lagos State University Students' Union Electoral Act, 2022, Part B, Chapter 2, Item 17 (3): "All campaigns must not commence until the committee has lifted the ban."

And it appears #Stakeholder has fallen short of that particular requirement--- or hasn't he? We are about to find out.

A little flashback to when the aforementioned IEC was established weeks ago. A lot of dust was raised and eyebrows were unavoidably lifted when the IEC was dominated by individuals who had previously ran for certain LASUSU positions and lost (individuals with political affiliations), thereby fuelling speculations about the IEC being one of the Union's machinations to manipulate the electoral process and ensure that their preferred candidate(s) emerge victorious.

How true are these allegations? Are they mere conspiracy theories or not? Of course, we definitely can't tell.

However, for many, the latest drama around Stakeholder confirms their belief and for others, it's just the IEC's neutrality manifesting.

But whatever the case may be, it's obvious that Stakeholder and his faction of loyalists will be suffering the brunt of the IEC's wrath, and it remains to be seen if they'll calmly and silently bear that brunt or not.

Unknown to many, this saga began ages before yesternight, when three individuals ( #BoluCarry, #DVD, and Stakeholder) from a faculty ( #LASULAWS ) felt they were up to the task and decided to have a shot at the Union's apex seat --- the Presidency.

In the long run, to better the said faculty's chances of producing the next LASUSU President, the faculty decided to hold a primary election to decide who gets to run under its umbrella.

A primary election? (How intersting)

Unknown to the faculty and Stakeholder (the much-purported golden boy of the faculty), that primary was to be the bane of their aspirations for DVD, on the one hand, blatantly refused to attend the primaries as he claimed it was merely a plot to eliminate other aspirants from the race against Stakeholder.

Whereas BoluCarry, on the other hand, refused to attend the primaries as he claimed that the letter sent to him in that regard wasn't appended by the appropriate authorities, thusly rendering the missive illegitimate.

And so, only Stakeholder, who apparently had no grudges attended the primaries and was selected as the faculty's "flagbearer".

The faculty then went ahead to make a public announcement of that development, announcing to the world that Stakeholder was the faculty's chosen Presidential candidate - that Stakeholder was running for LASUSU Presidency - before the ban was lifted. How then, does Stakeholder come into the picture? What then, is Stakeholder' s offence?

According to reports, Stakeholder was privy to the broadcast of his faculty, and witnesses claim he ratified that news by rebroadcasting on his social media pages. By implication, he announced his candidacy to the world by reposting his faculty's broadcast.(what a blunder!)

That being said, in light of this development, many have claimed that the IEC's decision was too harsh and largely biased and political but the truth is that the Law recognises neither foe nor friend.

What is more, Stakeholder, being very familiar with the stipulations of the Union having ran previous elections, should have known better than to go against the constitution.

He, having served as the Welfare Director of the Union should have known better than make a public announcement of his aspirations before the ban was lifted. He, being a custodian of the Law, should have known better than fall short of the Law.

However all hope is not lost for Stakeholder and his supporters as he has the right to seek redress in court. And so, it remains to be seen if the IEC has successfully drawn the curtain on Stakeholder's political aspirations or not.

See you in court, hopefully!

Credits: Awonuga Mujeeb, Editor, LASU Life Newsletter
Agoro AbdulRahmon popularly known as #Clyde has been declared the winner of the 33rd LASUSU Presidential Elections!

He polled a total of 3,410 votes to beat four other contestants viz Ayoola Sadiku, 2,406 votes, Taiwo Akinyemi, 1,116 votes, Kehinde Sonayon 607 votes and Uzamah Musbaudeen, 292 votes.

The Lagos State University Student Union, #LASUSU election took place today, 7th February 2023 at each Faculty's ICT centers and other campuses as well.

In an historic manner, the elections is the first time the #LASUSU elections had about eight thousand (8,000) students, voting across the three campuses.

A Summary Of The Results At A Glance Are Presented Below:


Muftau Wale Adam - 291

Durodola Dorcas Ayomide - 148

Olatunde Fadilulahi Ibrahim - 3,397
Sam Adeyemi - 2,381

ANIDU Wasiu Abayomi - 4,727

Farukan Smich Oluwaseun 2,508
Ransome Kingsley Bowell 1,793
Adamson Opeyemi Samuel 2,421

Mobolaji AbdulRahman Ishola 4,483

Salami Oriyomi Mubarak 1,549
Ibiade Benjamin Benjamin 1,046
Eleha Olamilekan Lateef 2,195
Adebisi Aduragbemi Testimony 1,206
Ibinuola Sola Royal 1,504

Sonayon Emmanuel Segun 211
Idowu Mofoluwasho Oluwagbenga 603
Akoro Taiwo Mautin 4,036
Adisa Mathew Adeniyi 2,241

Oba Adedeji Ibrahim 4,822

Sanusi Oluwapelumi Adetutu 2,871
Okolo Victor 4,432

Akinsanya Adebayo Faruk 303

Shekoni Mayowa 159

Yusuf Temitope Zainab 2,745
Adeola Lydia 3,586
Jacob Omofa Goodluck 163
Anthonio Phaamdeen 160

Bhadmus Feyishara Amidat 149

Adedamola Adedayo Daniel 1,377
Kadri Nurudeen Oluwabusayo 4,333

TOTAL VOTES: 69, 673
A 200 Level of the Faculty of Law, Onabokun Akorede, who was disqualified from contesting at the Students Representative Council has been cleared by the #LASUSU High Court.

Onabokun had sued to the #LASUSU High Court over his unjust and unconstitutional disqualification.

There are various anomalies surrounding the case — the 200 level HOC ”red pencil rule defence” employed by the defense counsel.

The Independent Electoral Commission #IEC had removed 10 marks from the screening score of every applicant among others that led to drama and the illegal disposition of the Faculty of Law politicians.

The court however did not derailed on these anomalies and laid the judgement on the substantive suit based on the proofs and argument by both parties on Wednesday 2nd February, 2023.

It also declared the purported disqualification of the claimant, Onabokun Akorede of the 200 level constituency is arbitrary, unlawful, null and void and thus declared that he is duly qualified to contest for election into the Student’s Representative Council for his Constituency.

A cost of ₦5000 was also awarded to the claimant for the cost of litigation.
The election process itself however didn't prove to be as problematic as the events before which is one thing we can give the #IEC credit for. This year's election can be said to probably be one of the most peaceful and transparent the union has seen in recent times.

Voting across all the faculties started in due time except for delay caused by network glitches and low turn out of students.

Representatives of #LASU Life visited each faculty during the course of the election and this is what we have for you. Kicking off with the faculty that tried to prove most stubborn and unyielding;

Yes, you guessed right. Faculty of Management Sciences had a bit of tension as they manned the entrance to their faculty and refused entry to anyone outside their faculty excluding the election canvassers, and even going as far as refusing to allow any press cover their electoral process. Why #FMS decided to take this course of action is beyond us but we hope it was worth it at the end of the day.

Subsequent faculties like #FSS, Education, Science and Arts had a fairly smooth election apart from the usual tussle between the impatient crowd waiting to vote, the energetic canvassers and the frustrated electoral officers which of course are the usual perks of LASUSU election.

If you had any reason to be at the faculty of law I'm sure like us you would wonder if a public holiday was declared there. Faculty of Law recorded the lowest turn out of students coupled with recurring network issues which made it difficult for the very few students that came to vote.

We know that #LASUlaws has been through a lot in recent times which is the only possible explanation as to why it had the image of a desert. Next in line was the school of communication which also recorded a relatively low number of students, probably because they are not that many on a good day.

On a general note, the election was conducted in a peaceful orderly manner, a commendation on the part of the IEC on being able to pull this off. Another things to commend is the speed with which the election was wrapped up and the results were announced.

A very hearty congratulations goes out from us to the new Executives-elect on their well deserved victories. For those that attended and paid attention to the manifesto speeches, the results should not come as a surprise but as an indication of better things to come for the union.

Congratulations to the 33rd #LASUSU IEC for delivering a credible electoral process, to the 33rd Executives-elect for their respective victories and to LASUites for the session to come.

Credits: Orisadare Christiana Eniola, Editor, LASU Life

Following resistance by the Lagos State University Students Union #LASUSU, the Senate of the Lagos State University (LASU) on Thursday made a U-turn on the directive of the Federal Government for institutions to shut down from Wednesday, February 22nd.

#LASU Senate at its 295the statutory meeting on Thursday, February 23rd suspended academic activities including the ongoing examinations in line with the ministerial directive.

The Senate directed students to vacate the campus on Thursday, February 23rd and resume on Tuesday, March 14th.

The students union had kicked against the earlier decision of the Senate not to fully comply with the ministerial directive.

LASU Senate had varied the ministerial directive by asking students to go on break on Thursday, February 23rd and resume academic activities on Tuesday, February 28th instead of Tuesday, March 14th,2023 directed by the government.

The Vice-Chancellor of LASU, Prof. Ibiyemi #Olatunji-Bello met with LASUSU executives led by the outgoing President, Adeoye Adelakun. The students insisted on full compliance of the government directive and the meeting ended in a deadlock.

A statement by the university dated Thursday, February 23rd said the Senate reviewed its earlier decision on the directives of the Federal Government through the National Universities Commission (NUC) on closure of all universities and Inter University Centres in view of the prevailing circumstances and the non-availability of new naira notes in different parts of the country and decided that students vacate the campus from Thursday, February 23 and resume on Tuesday, 14th March 2023.

The Senate further directed that other activities of the university should continue to run.

The activities include the provision of skeletal services by staff members from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and other essential services by the university.

It also directed that students, who have registered for their Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVC) in the university be allowed to stay on the campus to exercise their franchise.
With the twist of events over the naira shortfalls across the nation especially in Lagos State, LASUites are calling on the school's management to reconsider the stand on elections.

Recall that the #LASU Senate had on Monday, 13th February stated that exams will go on as planned but declared breaks on certain dates.

The naira crises also prompted the #LASUSU to lift students from the Igando axis to school on Friday when most living within the axis were stranded - a pain shared by the Management who also moved exams slated for 8sm till 10am.

Now that the situation is not getting any better from the weekend, several LASUites are now calling on the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello and other Management team to follow the NUC declaration and close the school for at least 3 weeks when then elections will be done with.

On Twitter, a student known as Ella Baby wrote:

This school has misplaced priorities.The leadership of the Lagos State University needs to get something done as soon as possible:

1.Avoiding student's to vote by imposing school exam
2. The VC ignored the 3 weeks school closure putting our life's at risk.
3. No bus, no money but you must be in school to write exam.

Na who get dey breathe fit write exam, Y'all should do something about it.

Another concerned LASUite, Temilade wrote:

Despite the fight and protest going on in the country, the Lagos state university management has refused the students of going home, exams is still going on as we speak, there's a protest going on right now around Igando and the school provided transport to convey the students to school instead of the putting exams on hold
Should we say the safety of students of the Lagos state university is not the managements priority

Johannnes Edoreh tweeted: Lagos State University @LASUOfficial this is to make you aware that students are encountering many dangers in the process of coming to school to write exams or returning from school. There is a riot that has been going on for days making it difficult and unsafe for students.

Abisoye said: With this present unrest in Lagos state, students should be safe at home with their parents but guess which school chose otherwise??
Lagos state private university 🥹💔

Kanyinsola: We legit need to repot our vc. The government should come and close Lagos state University themselves because this woman is putting the students lives at risk.

Futurism: Please who know the handle of NUC should please tag and call their attention to this. lagos state university is not adhering to the directive of NUC to allow students go home so that they can vote.